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Stephanie Galles

Specializing in elevated, modern and colorful approach to fine art paintings in Tulsa.


Stephanie is a passionate fine art artist based in the vibrant city of Tulsa.

Stephanie has a keen eye for detail and an innate ability to create visually stunning artworks. Her artworks can be customized to fit the needs and expectations of her customers. Whether it is a painting for a commercial space or residential, Stephanie has the expertise to create an artwork that fits in perfectly.


Abstract Art

Painted by Stephanie,
made for you.


How to Order

Custom Artwork Experience

Stephanie offers a personalized approach to her art and welcomes the opportunity to create custom artwork for her customers. Stephanie works closely with her clients to ensure their vision is fully realized in the final piece. 



Color, Style and Lifestyle.

Color, style and lifestyle all play an important role while creating custom art. I value that no piece is alike and enjoy the artistic challenges that each piece brings to me.

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